LAN TCP Interface

cod. 261231

Like all the most recent network devices, the product offers a web-based configuration interface. This module can be placed side by side with an Energy Meter to collect the measurement data from the instrument and to transmit these data to a remote system through a TCP/IP network. Data Exchange between LAN-TCP/ IP interface and a PC can use two way, simultaneously available: HTTP protocol to
access the internal site and Modbus/TCP protocol to connect the LAN-TCP/IP interface to a supervisory computer. The measurements in transit from the instrument towards the TCP/IP network can be intercepted and stored inside the communication module itself, until the saturation of the space of memory available.
The data stored in the interface can also be downloaded to the user's PC, via the web for a detailed examination. A group of Led on the front panel provide information about link activity, Side-IrDA interface status and error conditions.

  • Reads energy, power, V, I, cosy, freq.
  • LAN transfer speed Mbit/s 100
  • RJ 45 connector
  • SW protocol TCP/IP
  • Suitable for both single phase and three phase Energy Meters
  • Reset button