eVision3-5 LAN

Three phase Energy Meter for CT connection …/5A – 2T – LAN

cod. ECSEM172

eVision is an innovative Energy Meter that allows the user to know and analyze the flow of energy consumption of the house or office at all times. Through the collected and visualized information from the embedded web application of eVision, it is possible to optimize the use of the electric energy choosing the most convenient tariff hours in order to avoid excessive charges.

  • Large green backlighted LCD display for monitor all the three phases at the same time
  • For transformer .../5 A
  • For transformer primary current of 5 A to 10.000/5 A. Input is in 5 A increments
  • Detection of connection errors (phase transposition)
  • Accuracy class 1 for current and voltage
  • Accuracy class 1 for active energy according to EN 50470-3 (B)
  • Accuracy class 2 for reactive energy according to EN 62053-23
  • Operating range current (Ist ... Imax) for connection by CT .../5 A = 0.003 ... 6 A
  • Energy register zero setting
  • Energy register for import and export
  • Sealable terminal covers
  • 6 DIN modules wide (108 mm)